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Mia and Frida, both in their thirties, meet each other for the first time at their parents' engagement party. As Mia and Frida get to know one another, strong emotions begin to stir between them. Their relationship will turn everything upside down for everyone close to them with dramatic consequences.

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Starting From Now S02 E03

The Faith Diaries: Week One

Carmilla Season 2 Episode 10 "Sister Spycraft"

Girltrash! Episode 5

Girltrash! Episode 5

Anyone But Me Season 2: Ep. 7

Anyone But Me Season 2: Ep. 7 "Date Night"

Entangled with You - Ep 5 - #SuperAwkwardParty Part 1

Lesbian Princess - Episode 4 "When You’re The Only Female Jester"

Single Never Married Ep. 5: I'm Not Her Dog, I'm Her Daddy!

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