Unicorn Plan-It 205: Dinah Blow Your *Unicorn* Horn

| 137 views | Season 2 Episode 5

Unicorn Plan-It is a "hot & hilarious" lesbian web series! http://www.unicornplanit.com http://www.facebook.com/unicornplanit http://www.twitter.com/unicornplanit Created & Written by Sarah Croce & Ashley Reed & Haviland Stillwell Directed and Edited by K. Rocco Shields Starring Haviland Stillwell, Sherri D. Sutton, Ashley Reed, Sarah Croce, Catherine Wadkins, Amir Levi - and guest starring BRUCE DERN (!), Kate Pazakis, Catie Boles Edited by Sarah Croce & Kim Rocco Shields Music Composed by Ashley Reed Director of Photography: Lauren Aadland Additional music by Haviland Stillwell, Massa Cygnet, Mike Schlosser, Kristy Hanson, Beth Wexler Watch it on Autostraddle.com ! UNICORN PLAN-IT...GET HORNY.

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