Unicorn Plan-It #104: #OMmyGod

| 130 views | Season 1 Episode 4

UNICORN PLAN-IT the series...watch episodes 1,2,3 to find out where we are...it's worth it,, trust us... Created, Written & Produced by Sarah Croce, Ashley Reed & Haviland Stillwell Starring Sarah Croce, Ashley Reed, Haviland Stillwell, Catherine Wadkins, Amir Levi, Sherri D. Sutton Directors: Ashley Reed & Haviland Stillwell Editors: Sarah Croce & Lauren Aadland Post Production Supervisor: Kate "KP" Pryzlepa Graphics and Titles: Ellie Morello An original webseries for Autostraddle.com. http:://www.unicornplanit.com http://www.twitter.com/unicornplanit http://www.facebook.com/unicornplanit http://www.havilandstillwell.com

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