Unicorn Plan-It 204: Across The YOUniverse

| 494 views | Season 2 Episode 4

Unicorn Plan-It is a "hot & hilarious" gay scripted comedic web series, now in SEASON 2! http://www.unicornplanit.com http://www.facebook.com/unicornplanit http://www.twitter.com/unicornplanit Created & Written by Sarah Croce & Ashley Reed & Haviland Stillwell Directed and Edited by K. Rocco Shields Starring Haviland Stillwell, Ashley Reed, Sarah Croce, Sherri D. Sutton, Catherine Wadkins, Amir Levi (and special guest appearance by Deborah S. Craig and Brittani Nichols) Edited by Sarah Croce & Kim Rocco Shields Music Composed by Ashley Reed Director of Photography: Lauren Aadland Additional music by Haviland Stillwell, Massa Cygnet, CompanyZ Distributed by Autostraddle.com UNICORN PLAN-IT...GET HORNY.

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