"Spinning" | LITTLE HORRIBLES [S.1, Ep.11]

| 197 views | Season 1 Episode 11

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Little Horribles is a Barnacle Studios production in collaboration with Issa Rae.

Nicole Byer
Jamie Lee
Amy York Rubin
Mike Still
Amy Heidt
Sujata Day
Tom Larochelle
Christian Hogue
David Z. Stamp
Jason Powell
Saadat Awan

Created + Written by Amy York Rubin @ayrubin
Executive Producer: Issa Rae @issarae
Directed by Amy York Rubin @ayrubin
Director of Photography: Harry Frith
Second Camera: Kirsten Johnson
Sound: Andy Thiess
Production Assistant: Josh Grossman
Editor: Alexis Hanawalt
Story Consultant: Sarah Streicher @heyabbo and Sam Biederman @Biedersam
Music by: Aaron Olson
Title Design: Andrew Glickfield http://www.verytruestory.com and Chris Svetlik
Featuring Music by Julia Weldon
Special thanks to:
Bob Carlson and KCRW s UnFictional
Blazing Saddles
Rick s Drive-Thru

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