"Armrest" | LITTLE HORRIBLES [S.1, Ep.8]

| 70 views | Season 1 Episode 8

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Little Horribles is a Barnacle Studios production in collaboration with Issa Rae.

Ann Carr @anndcar
Pamela Murphy @murphyplease
Erin Foley @erinfoleycomic
Amy York Rubin @ayrubin
Lara Everly
Hannah Stock
DJ Sauceda
Andrea Lewis
Sophia Mayar Pliner
Ana Cristina Mayer

Created + Written by Amy York Rubin @ayrubin
Executive Producer: Issa Rae @issarae
Directed by Bridget Palardy @bridgetpalardy
Producer: Lara Everly
Cinematography by Danny Belinkie
Second Camera: Hannah Levin
Assistant Director: Daniel Madore
Production Design: Nataly Lopez
Gaffer: Andrew Rurik
Edited by Bridget Palardy
Story Consultant: Sarah Streicher @heyabbo and Sam Biederman @Biedersam
Sound: Travis Brown
Title Music: Aaron Olson
Title Design: Andrew Glickfield http://www.verytruestory.com and Chris Svetlik
Featuring Music by Julia Weldon, "Meadow": http://www.juliaweldon.com
Additional Music by Gut Feeling

Special thanks to Air Hollywood, @airhollywood, for making it possible for us to shoot in their amazing location.

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