Out With Dad - Season 4 Episode 9 "Starting Out, Again"

| 838 views | Season 4 Episode 9

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Rose and Nathan both have something on their minds. Turns out, similar topics: their respective dating lives.

Introducing Keisha Prince as Valery, and re-introducing Vanessa Salazar as "Shaved-Head-Girl".

Directed, Written and Produced by
Jason Leaver

Rose ... Kate Conway
Nathan ... Jonathan Robbins
Valery ... Keisha McLeggon
Nessa ... Vanessa Salazar

Danielle Thorn
Camera Operators
Jason Leaver
Danielle Thorn

Music Composed and Performed by
Adrian Ellis

Editor and Colouring by
Jason Leaver

Executive Producer
Natalie O’Brien
Associate Producers
Kate Conway
Laura Jabalee
Lindsey Middleton

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