Out With Dad Season 4 Episode 8 "Counselling Vanessa - Session One"

| 11 views | Season 4 Episode 8

Vanessa reluctantly begins seeing a counsellor in the aftermath of her sexual assault.

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Directed, Written and Produced by
Jason Leaver
Vanessa … Lindsey Middleton
The Counsellor … Rosana Zammit
Rose … Kate Conway
Theresa … Wendy Glazier
and Robert Nolan as Steven
Danielle Thorn
Camera Operators
Jason Leaver
Danielle Thorn
Music Composed and Performed by
Adrian Ellis
Editor and Colouring by
Jason Leaver
Executive Producer
Natalie O’Brien
Associate Producers
Kate Conway
Laura Jabalee
Lindsey Middleton
Rosana Zammit

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