Out With Dad - Season 4 Episode 5 "Smores with Dad"

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Rose and Dad get away from the city for some autumn camping, a tradition they've held for many years. Being up in the Muskoka Region of Ontario and roasting smores jogs Rose's memories of happier times with Vanessa.

This episode was financed by 138 Patrons. We couldn't have done it without these generous people. On behalf of the cast, crew and fans of Out With Dad: THANK YOU!

Directed, Written and Produced by
Jason Leaver

Rose … Kate Conway
Nathan… Jonathan Robbins
Vanessa… Lindsey Middleton

Danielle Thorn
Jason Leaver
Bruce William Harper
Danielle Thorn
Additional Cinematography
Bruce William Harper

Editor, Colouring and Visual Effects
Jason Leaver

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