Out With Dad - Season 4 Episode 15 "Heading Out" (in 360°)

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Claire is back in town now, and Rose is getting ready to go out to see her. At the same time, Nathan is getting ready to go out to see Valery. Both of them seem to be procrastinating. It's as if they don't want to see their ex's.

Directed, Written and Produced by
Jason Leaver

Rose … Kate Conway
Nathan ... Jonathan Robbins

Cinematographer & Camera Operator
Danielle Thorn
RED Dragon Camera Provided by
Wil Wong

360° Consultant
Elli Raynai

Pete Winning and The Pirates: The Motion Picture
Mike Donis

Editor, Visual Effects and Colouring by
Jason Leaver

Music Composed and Performed by
Adrian Ellis

Executive Producer
Natalie O’Brien
Associate Producers
Kate Conway
Laura Jabalee
Lindsey Middleton
Jonathan Robbins
Patron Producer
Thomas McDonald

Patron Producer
Sophia Marchildon

Patron Producer
Sean Dockham

Patron Producers
Adam Bell
Michelle Eason
Ken Fraser
Judy Rhodes
Tyler Sibbeston

Patrons of Out With Dad
Alison, Anitusar, Claudia, Maartje, Nath, Rachael, Rebecca, Xing-Chen, Matilde Anzolin, Oswaldo Asprino, John Beachem, Ellen Bell, Pia Berns, Susan Brittain, Lise Marie Brunk, Christel Bullock, Nicholas Burns, Michael Carnes, Rebecca Chung, Fabienne Clerc, Maria Cozzolino, Brandon DeGolier, Matthew Jason Dever, Ellen Due, Keri Epperson, Johannes Förstner, Gabrielle Fuentes, Gal Goldreich, Katie Graichen, Evelyn Guerra, Patrick Haggood, Gina Haigh, Emily Hobbs, Ellen Horner, Stephanie Houin, Kira K, Kristina Kanz, Ella Quinn Lagerquist, Z Lawton, Yann Le Saout, Hanna Lee, Damien Lejart, Amke Loots, Sarah Lund, Shivanie Mahabir, Maria Loredana Marano, Allison McArton, Jaydyn McNamee, Will Morgan, Juan Pino Muñoz, Aleisha Naughton-Watt, Erik Petrich, Michael Pettitt, Nino Pulvirenti, Rachel Raii, Justin Ransleben, Rachel Ravesi, Emily Rios, Molly Rubenstein, Kelly Sarna, Mike Seay, David Seppi, Doreen Shields, Rachael Silerberg, Nicole Slagenwhite, Miriam Smit, Marielle Spiteri, Robin Spivey, Ju St, Mihaly Szabados, Jay Thomas, Kristen Thoreson, Kim To, Jim Turner, Hilary VanSickle, Laura Velez, Sophie Weber, Angella P Wessel, Brooke Wiegman, Heather Williams, Cori Wolf, Craig Young, Eleonora Zucconi

Thank You
Mike Donis & Pete Winning
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Toronto Web Series Community

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