Of Girls and Horses - Trailer


Coming to DVD & Digital from Wolfe in 2015! https://www.wolfevideo.com/products/of-girls-and-horses/

From acclaimed lesbian director Monika Treut comes this gorgeous new lesbian drama. Alex is a 16-year old misfit, a school drop out, who’s been using drugs and cutting herself. Her adoptive mother has signed her up for an internship at a farm to work with horses, as a last chance to find balance in her life. There Alex meets Nina, her teacher, a 30-something lesbian and horse lover who needs a break from her partner Christine and their city life.

Although Alex initially hates being stuck in this remote farm, she gradually connects with the horses. Then, an upper-class girl, Kathy, arrives at the farm for a vacation with her own beautiful horse. Alex dislikes privileged Kathy, but slowly the girls form a friendship. One weekend, they’re alone at the farm and things get out of control . . .

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