MONA - Kiss Like A Woman (Music Video)


Starring Langley Fox Hemingway & Madison Paige
Written & Directed by Johnathan Crocker

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"Kiss Like A Woman" LYRICS:

You got a lonely guy
On a lonely night
Daydream seems like the only life
Then you walked in, I've been waiting
Oh I can't sit here wasting all this time
All this time

Kiss like a woman
Talk like a man
Here we are in the summer rain again
You're soaking wet it's easy to see
There's no other place that id rather be

Baby my eyes see it all the same
We all live in the sun and in the rain
So keep walking & don't give in
Oh you can't sit here wasting all this time
All this time

When you calm down & stay proud
It's the best way you're ever gonna live
Do it your way not taking what they give
I say... whatever you say
& the world will see you taking stands
Living loud until they understand...

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