Alma Kalbermann - SHEDA (Music Video)


Alma Kalbermann, Israeli singer-song writer,Former member of "The rising star Israel"'s team, season 3.

In these days, Alma is working on her first album with the music producer Tair sibony. "SHEDA" (Demoness) is the second release from it.

Alma, who tends to hide behind large social-themes, chooses this time to reveal a personal story on the spectrum that combines love and uncompromising sexuality and loss of sanity within the pursuit of the one she loved. After the one who yearned more than anything else. "SHEDA" was written from the guts, without thinking too much. The video the completes the song constitutes depart from slavery to liberty, for it took grate deal courage to put it out there like that, in it's complete form.

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