Dates Like This - Episode 3 - Not So Happy Hour

| 718 views | Season 2 Episode 3

Unable to sit back any longer, Blake puts Meg in the hot seat in an effort to get some answers. Danielle meets Alicia for the first time and realizes that she may be getting more than she bargained for when she asked to be more involved in Meg's social life. Alicia calls on Meg to help decipher the nature of her budding flirtations with Zachary. What starts as an innocent scoping-out-the-situation happy hour visit to Alicia's new bar turns into an unwelcome trip down memory lane for Meg as someone from her past unexpectedly resurfaces.
Dates Like This follows twenty-something lesbian, Meg and her straight best friend Alicia as they look for a life and love in NYC. Season 1 follows the two friends as Meg attempts a 30 Dates in 30 Days project and Alicia dives into her first serious relationship. Picking up a year later, Season 2 follows Meg's new romance with an older woman and Alicia's attempts to get her post-breakup life together.
Winner - Outstanding Production of a Film - Snowballs Film Festival
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Official Selection for iTV Fest 2013
Meg -- Hannah Vaughn
Alicia -- Leigh Poulos
Danielle -- Kathy McCafferty
Zachary -- Matthew Robert Gehring
Nikki -- Jessie Barr
Blake -- Rebecca Robles
Vera -- Kristen Lazzarini

Bar Patrons:
Adam Lebowitz-Lockard, Brad Moore

Directed by Jessica Solce
Produced by Michael Nixon
Produced by Hannah Vaughn, Leigh Poulos, Jessica Solce

A Double Bullseye Production
in association with Team Biscuit Films (
Together - The Morrow (
Be a Jerk - Boy Girl Party (
Interstate - Nathan Reich (
Come Here - Jessie Barr

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