Dates Like This Episode 8

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In the final episode of the season, Meg is close to the finish line of her project but is still struggling to figure out what she wants. Will she and Alicia be able to repair their friendship? Will she find someone to be with before the end?
Meg continues her 30 Dates in 30 Days project with the next three dates.

Dates Like This follows twenty-something lesbian, Meg and her straight best friend Alicia as they look for a life and love in NYC. Season 1 follows the two friends as Meg attempts a 30 Dates in 30 Days project and Alicia dives into her first serious relationship. Picking up a year later, Season 2 follows Meg's new romance with an older woman and Alicia's attempts to get her post-breakup life together.

Created by Hannah Vaughn & Leigh Poulos

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