Dates Like This - Episode 2 - Mona Lisas

| 752 views | Season 2 Episode 2

The girls continue to bond with their new friends. Alicia, perhaps a little too enthusiastic about being included, opens up about, well, almost everything. Danielle puts the pressure on Meg to move their relationship forward while Alicia starts to use Zachary as a sounding board for her boy troubles. With secrets, miscommunications, and surprising requests around every bend, Alicia and Meg both end up reluctantly making some major promises that will prove costly to keep.
Dates Like This follows twenty-something lesbian, Meg and her straight best friend Alicia as they look for a life and love in NYC. Season 1 follows the two friends as Meg attempts a 30 Dates in 30 Days project and Alicia dives into her first serious relationship. Picking up a year later, Season 2 follows Meg's new romance with an older woman and Alicia's attempts to get her post-breakup life together.
Winner - Outstanding Production of a Film - Snowballs Film Festival
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Official Selection for iTV Fest 2013
Meg -- Hannah Vaughn
Alicia -- Leigh Poulos
Danielle -- Kathy McCafferty
Zachary -- Matthew Robert Gehring
Nikki -- Jessie Barr
Blake -- Rebecca Robles

Directed by Jessica Solce
Produced by Michael Nixon
Produced by Hannah Vaughn, Leigh Poulos, Jessica Solce

A Double Bullseye Production
in association with Team Biscuit Films (

Carousel - Leigh Poulos
You Said It - Santiago de la Fuente (
Islands - Nathan Reich (

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