The Newtown Girls Episode 2 – “Dress up”

| 1109 views | Season 1 Episode 2

"Dress Up" Things are going well for Scarlet, she's over her jet-lag and she's even managed to tick a few things off her list. She's enjoying work at the bookshop, she's found a yoga studio close to home and she's set up her twitter account. However, she's not having much luck finding her soul mate. So Scarlet does what any lesbian in her situation would do, and turns to her best friend for help. Having always found it difficult to say no to Scarlet, Alex reluctantly gives her the details for a private party that night. Scarlet arrives at the party all dressed up and ready for anything, however, as usually happens where Scarlet's involved, things don't quite turn out as planned. French Subtitles by - thanks Lou Morin!

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