Starting From Now - Season 5 Episode 1

| 710 views | Season 5 Episode 1

TRIGGER WARNING: Contains images of sexual violence

Darcy is struggling to come to terms with her past but refuses to admit it. Steph’s rejection of Emily reopens old wounds and Kristen and Rachel go out on their first date.

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STARTING FROM NOW is a lesbian web series that explores the lives of four inner-Sydney women as they struggle to work out who they are, find a place where they belong, and maybe even find someone to love along the way. Starring Bianca Bradey, Sarah de Possesse, Rosie Lourde and Lauren Orrell, this online drama currently has over 25 million views worldwide.

Music: Some Perfect Life and Drinker's Peace by Maxine Kauter Band
Nightlife by Kat Davy

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