Smoke (Lesbian Short Film)


A look into the effects of domestic violence and alcohol abuse in same sex relationships as we follow Mollie (Kate Louise Turner) as she battles to live a normal life with her abusive lesbian partner Ashley (Emma Loveday)

Kate Louise Turner: Mollie
Emma Loveday: Ashley
Paul Lawless: Charlie

Tom Smith: Director, Producer, Screenwriter
Amber Ryder: Producer, Production Manager
Han Phan: Director Of Photography, Colourist
Chloe Brown: 1st Assistant Director
Sam Glazier: 1st Assistant Camera
Mark Harris: Sound
Jakob Paulik: Editor
Marianne Bowser: Script Supervisor
Adam Weiss: Original Music
Beccie Stock: Make Up Artist
Emma Freeman: Make Up Artist
Elisabeth Andrea Bratreit: Behind The Scenes

Copyright © Tom Smith 2015 MMXVI

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