Lipstick the Series - Season Finale Part 1 "Horse'n Around"

| 3667 views | Season 1 Episode 12

The Drama unfolds to go into a crazy suspenseful Season 2

Sorry about the wait......We had no control over the internet issues today..... :(

Leigh : @aneiszka
Alexander : @moviestartalent
Ray : @itsme.johngerman
Chloe : @thechristinacooper
Frances : @thedawnraven
Amanda : @itsbcubed
Lynn : @young_ezee_
Terri : @carter_thebody
Markis : @melvinjacksonjr
Kenny : @actorneikoneal

written and directed by:
Steven Alan Davis

Created by:
Steven Alan Davis

music by :
@alexismarche_ : W.L.Y.G
@yungmiss : On the Low
Byron Booker : Quit Cappin

Cameron Penny / Line Producer
Jeffrey Dean: DP
Byron Booker: Executive Producer
Roy Liebrecht: Executive Producer

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