It's Complicated - Episode 1

| 1372 views | Season 1 Episode 1

Skye has always considered herself straight. Until last night.

UPDATE: New Episodes Every Other Saturdays @ 6 PM ET. BTS/Special Interviews in between.

A comedic web series about complicated relationships, and discovering one's sexuality.

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Devin Drain (instagram: @devindrain)
Jordan Mitchell Love (twitter: @jmitchelllove)

Written, Directed & Edited by
Cheska Bacaltos (twitter & instagram: @lazycheskie)

Director of Photography
Doni Masongsong

Camera Operator
Dan Davis

Wilsa Derro

Script Supervisor
Jay Alim

"Pop Nugget" by Dave Depper (
"Acoustic 3" by Dave Depper (

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