Easy Abby Ep 1 "Portable Feast"

| 2023 views | Season 1 Episode 1

"Easy Abby" lesbian web series Episode 1 "Portable Feast" (pilot)
Abby has a lovely way with women but not a way with love. When she bumps into a former fling but can t remember the woman s name, Abby starts to wonder if she has what it takes to fall in love. (Series launch!) http://easyabby.com

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Written and Directed by Wendy Jo Carlton
Featuring Lisa Cordileone as Abby (also Co-Producer)

Music in Episode One by:

http://www.scottfree.net/ (Easy Abby Opening Theme written and performed by Scott Free)
http://JulieNeumark.com (Dimestore Halo - flashback song)
http://MelindaSuarez.com ("In the Morning" dinner background song)
http://DaphneWillis.com ("So Sick So ill" End credits song)

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