Between Women Season 2 Episode 2

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April 9, 2013 9/8c We re BACK!!!
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Season 2 of Between Women brings audiences back in the midst of their favorite group of women, each one on their own journeys filled with life s obstacles. From cheating and deception to forgiveness and recovery, this season s salacious storylines will keep you mesmerized and coming back for more with each episode. Go there if you dare... Between Women! @BetweenWomenTV

Executive Produced, Created and Written by
Michelle A. Daniel

Directed By
Christina Brown

Edited By
Christina Brown & Doryan Sparkman

Director of Photography
Doryan Sparkman

Head of Wardrobe, Hair & Makeup
Terrisa Joi Flowers

Assistant of Wardrobe, Hair & Makeup
Cherelle Beavers

Theme song by:
The Last Donna

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